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Licensed for Wooly Wonder Patterns

Here is a list of our licensed WonderWAHMs and their wares! Thank you for supporting cottage industry! (1/20/09) -- Find an error?  Please let us know!

Name (click to email) Licensed as of Website Wooly
Mini &Wonder
Faux Cable
Nada Jean Spring 2004 Wooly Wonders by Nada X X   X  
Davina Swan Winter 2004 DavinaWear X X   X  
Morwenna Palmehn February 2005 Mosaic Moon       X  
Cynthia Smith February 2005 Rumpknits X X X X  
Julie Huisjen March 2005 The Cushie Tushie       X X (soaker)
Jesse Michener March 2005 The Freelance Mama       X  
Lindsay Baker Spring 2005 Ky Baby Knits   X   X  
Donna Hooyen April 2005 7th Heaven Baby       X  
Ruth Clemett Summer 2005 Cheeky Knits X X X X  
Alison Derrick Fall 2005       X    
Debi French and Nina Nelson Winter 2006 Happy Hippy Baby X     X  
Rachel O'Brien August 2006 Threebies Knits       X  
Lia Harris January 2007 The Fruity Sheep       X  
Kelly Bunnell January 2008 Six Oh Six X     X  
Polly Draper January 2009         X  
Andrea Isabell April 2009 Dwell Wool Knits X X      
Katie Vaino August 2009 Strawberry Bottom Baby Knits   X      
Jamie Christerson October 2009     x      
Ashley Rasmussen November 2009 Amour Tricoté   x      
Barbara Roberts November 2009 Baba's Baby Boo   x      
Erin Werle January 2010 Boreal Baby Knits   x      



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