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Wool Care

Wool soakers are a wonder! Amazingly, they repel and absorb wetness to keep your baby's clothes dry until the next change. How? See for yourself!

Instructions for use:

Your Wooly Wonder is pre-washed and pre-lanolized. Baby can wear the soaker over a fitted diaper or a snappi'd or pinned prefold for daytime use. For bed time, add a doubler or use a more absorbent combination to accommodate for extra overnight wetness. You may want to use a fleece liner next to your baby's skin to keep the skin feeling dry. Generally, a wool soaker can be expected to keep your sheets dry all night with enough stuffing. Your baby's bottom may look big and round, but that is quite all right.

Caring for your Wooly Wonder:

Wooly Wonders soakers do not need to be washed after every use. Simply let it air dry between uses. Wash your soaker when it gets pooped on, when it smells like pee or about every two weeks. Use a gentle wool wash like Eucalan to remove urine and add lanolin back to the soaker. This will restore its water repelling qualities. Just swoosh your soaker around in a sink full of warm water and Eucalan (I use a capful), squeeze the bubbles through it, then let it sit for about 15 minutes. Gently squeeze out excess water and roll the soaker in a towel. Lay it flat to dry, away from direct sunlight. Excessive heat and agitation while washing will shrink and felt your soaker. This is not desirable unless you want to use it for a dolly. I've noticed a tinge of color in the wash water, but I've never had any problem with color fading or transferring to the diapers.

If you like, you can use straight lanolin melted in water to lanolize the soaker once a month or whenever your soaker seems to need a boost. Again, this may not be necessary! Included you will find Kendell's Lanolizing Method, courtesy of Freshies!

Pamelamama’s Machine Washing Instructions

My Current Machine Washing Method
Fill your machine with warm water on the hand wash setting. Add Eucalan or a similar wool wash.  Toss in your soakers, inside out. Let ‘em soak for a few minutes while you get a glass jar and fill it with some of the warm wash water or retrieve your wool soap bar (LAMB, WOW, etc.).

Lanolin Users Only:  Squeeze out an inch of lanolin from your lanolin tube and add it to the water. Nuke that water until it's HOT. Use oven mitts to remove the jar from the micro. Use a spoon to mix in the lanolin to the eucalan/water mixture. Stir until the melted lanolin is suspended in the mixture.

Fish your soakers/wool items to top of the washing machine surface. Carefully pour lanolin/water/eucalan mixture over the soaker, focusing on the important areas first, like the crotch. Proceed to pour it over as much of the soaker as you can.

LAMB/WOW users, rub your soap all over your soaker, focusing on the important areas.  Let the machine agitate slightly, then leave it soaking for as long as you can. Overnight is awesome.

Let the water drain out and spin that soaker out.

Remove everything from the machine, reshape and lay flat to dry.

Freshies! Lanolizing Method

Squeeze 1/4 to 1/2 inch of tubed lanolin into a cup of HOTHOTHOT water (in a jar with a lid). Add a few drops of baby wash or Eucalan, cap it, and shake vigorously to emulsify. Pour over the wrap that is soaking in your sink/basin and squeeze a few times to distribute the lanolin mixture. Soak for 15 minutes or so, and then dry as above.

Don't put a uriney wool wrap in the diaper bucket. Even if it needs to be washed, let it dry out. Soaking in urine will leach out the color and cause bleeding onto your diapers.

Warm Regards, Pamela & Fluffo

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